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Guide to Choosing A Janitorial Service
San Diego Janitorial Service

You are about to make an important decision and you will want to be as well informed as possible. We are aware that many people choose a janitorial service based on price alone, and later on wonder why they were not satisfied with the service they received. This is because there are several criteria against which all janitorial services should be measured to be certain you are making the best choice.

Performance – How much experience and expertise does the company and its workers have? How well are the janitors equipped, trained, and supervised? Does the company develop long term relationships with its customers, keeping them satisfied and preventing problems from getting out of hand? To answer these questions, carefully check the reference list that the bidder has furnished and ask their customers. You will find this process will quickly eliminate some bidders from consideration.

Protection – Is the company licensed and bonded? Does the company carry an adequate amount of liability insurance? Are their workers covered by workers compensation insurance? (WARNING: franchisees are not employees!) If you feel that you will be exposed or vulnerable because a bidder does not offer you these three vital safeguards, that bidder should be dropped from consideration.

Price – Only after these other areas have been addressed should price be used to compare the bids you have received. Those still under consideration at this point should be reviewed closely to assure that the specifications submitted with the bid cover all work you need done at the appropriate frequency.

Now you are ready to choose a janitorial service, and may the best company win!

We think you will be impressed with what Padre Janitorial Service, Inc. can do for you. When using the above guidelines, you will see that nobody beats Padre. We have been continuously serving San Diego area companies with our owner/management team for almost forty years. Our janitors are highly experienced, trained, and motivated. We take pride in our ability to do the job right, adjusting and improving over the years to keep you satisfied as your needs change.

San Diego Janitorial Service